This REFLECTION I learned that buying a lot of cheap stocks and waiting till the value of the stocks rises then you sell it but the risky thing is if the value will go up or decrease even lower, its more safer to invest in companies that are already established because you know you will make your money back. This week I took a look at the stocks and for some companies their value rises then quickly decreases. It is more safe to research on the company that you want to invest and keep track of its value so you can have some trust and feel more comfortable and less stressed out. the thing about investing in smaller companies is really risky if you think that the company

Genius Hour Reflection #2


This week I started to research on the stock market and how to read a stock chart. At first a stock chart was really confusing to me but I began to understand what it mean, For example “AAPL” stands for the company called Apple. APPL is a called a ticker, tickers make it easier to identifiy the company if the company has a long name, for another example “YHOO” stands for Yahoo. When you look at stocks and you see a ticker with a number beside it, the number is the cost of one share of the company, an example is “GOOG 1,026.33 +1.29” and there is also another number with plus sign or negative sign, this shows how much the companies value of a share has gone up or gone done, in this case its going up.

I’m not entirely sure what determines the value of a share but I read that company would pay an investment bank to do calculations and determine how many shares and the cost of the share. There are lot of things to learn but I’m slowly learning new things in Investment 

Based on the experiences that I’ve done for Genius Hour it has been pretty challenging trying to find out a topic for genius hour. I’ve so far come up with the Topic “How to Invest” with my partner Jack Cassel. I selected this area for Genius Hour because one day I might want to invest in stocks with a friend and Ill have all the information and how to invest. I have a few questions about investment like how to do investment in stocks online and figure out how the stock market works.  My perspective on this topic has changed, Investment is a hard game because one day you can be the richest person in the world and the next day you’re living in the streets with the poorest. Investment is very risky so you have to play it safe and slow. I thought this topic would be fairly easy but now that I’ve looked deeper into it, it’s more in depth. I thought investment was only in stocks and companies but you can invest in a lot of things and even people too. I hope after high school I can be able to invest without having problems and questions. My best resource for researching on this is this internet I’m not sure what my steps are yet but it’s researching on stocks then to investing in companies then the stock market. The biggest challenge for me was finding the topic because there is so many to choose from and it’s like you’re trying to find the perfect topic for yourself. After I’ve fully researched in Investment, Jack and I will plan to print out papers with 5 easy steps to investment for the class and teach in front of class.

Resources for Investment

I think school kills creativity because most teachers these days are too lazy and just give worksheets instead of talking in front of the class and teaching like they're supposed too, if teachers want students to learn then they have to make things more exciting. I was told in elementary that high school teachers won't care if a student doesn't hand in their homework or skips class and that is true but teachers should care because that student is the future of this country, every student is the future of this country, that's why teachers should be worried. It's funny because I have teachers that look more bored than students. Sometimes I feel like I have better things to do then sit in class. I do have some classes where I can express and show off my creativity but how I can't  show creativity through worksheets and textbooks. In the video the person speaking says that school is like a factory, school is exactly a factory, you get some smart kids out of it and some not so smart kids. 

My name is Nigel, I'm 14 but i'm turning 15 on September 8. I am Filipino, but I was born in Brunei Bandar Seri Begawan which is in Malaysia, but I grew up in Canada. My family fights a lot so I get mad a lot. I mostly play video games for fun but sometimes I play hockey. When I'm done college I plan to be an Architect or possibly own a clothing company with a friend and I want to design shoes. If I win the lottery ill split it between me, my cousins, and charity. A lot of people told me planning was about sex ed but I guess its not mostly about it, its nice to know that this class will help me in the future and plan for my future car which is a Acura Integra Jdm'd or Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII jdm'd. I'm a car guy and a sneaker head. I have lots of shoes and when i get a job I plan to get more. One of my favorite movie is Drill Bit Taylor its a weird movie but I like it, I don't read much books but i enjoyed the Hunger Games books. I grew up with hockey so its my favorite sport but I like basketball but I'm not so great at it but its a interesting sport. Hiroshi Nakasone approves this message.

Hiroshi Nakosone for planning 10